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Are You Ready to (Dress Like You) Rock?

LOS ANGELES — On a slightly scuzzy strip of Sunset Boulevard, past the faded rock ’n’ roll memorabilia and oddly psychedelic trappings of a kitschy Thai restaurant (Quentin Tarantino’s favorite), out the back and down the stairs, is a one-room studio.

“This is where I started, by myself,” said Mike Amiri. “One table, one chair.”

Mr. Amiri is the founder and designer of Amiri, which is perhaps the most popular men’s luxury brand you’ve never heard of. Mr. Amiri doesn’t give many interviews, and he hasn’t yet been made a cult obsession by most hypebeasts, the street-wear devotees that constellate the men’s wear-discussing corners of the internet.

His clothes — shredded denim, biker jackets, worn flannels and everything studded, distressed, leopard-spotted or glitter-dusted — have gained a following among the swag-seeking missiles of the NBA and NFL (DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall, Brandon Ingram, Odell Beckham, Jr.), but his biggest fans may be the retailers who, even in these retail-challenged times, sell his clothes. A lot of his clothes.

“It has become one of the biggest businesses in the men’s ready-to-wear,” said Jay Bell, the senior vice president for men’s ready-to-wear at Barneys New York. “It really doesn’t happen often.”

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