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Opinion | Skepticism Over the Results of Trump’s Physical

To the Editor:

Re “After Exam, President Is Found to Be of Sound Mind and Body” (front page, Jan. 17):

It is worth noting that while a cognitive test such as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment that was used to test President Trump can detect signs of dementia, it in no way rules out most other mental illnesses, including major ones and especially personality disorders that some have speculated the president may suffer from.

I do not know whether Mr. Trump suffers from a mental disorder, but to imply that a normal score on a cognitive exam in any way rules this out would be like saying that if someone had a normal cardiac exam that would rule out the possibility of diabetes.


The writer is a physician.

To the Editor:

Despite Dr. Ronny Jackson’s assessment of President Trump’s health, questions remain. Most people shrink as they age, but amazingly, as noted in the Times article, this president gets taller.

Dr. Jackson claims that our president, who is just shy of obese, sleeps only three or four hours a night, loves junk food and doesn’t exercise, is in excellent health. Slightly less exuberance would be more believable.


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